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A brief history of the Association of Friends Foundation

Association of Friends Foundation was established in 1994. A group of Nigerians thought it would be a good idea to form an association in which our children will have an opportunity to see how their parents interact in a purely Nigerian setting. The hope is that the children of members will eventually form a strong bond among themselves and establish long-standing friendships within the American society. During each club year, social activities are organized in homes of members monthly. Each July, the organization organizes picnics in a public park to allow our children enjoy the summer in an open setting – with children’s games, pony rides, and lots of ice cream. Adults are also entertained at such picnics with live music, good Nigerian food, and several adult games such at Table-Tennis, scrabble, chess, and checkers. The Association also organizes social events at the end of each year. Another mission of the association is to engage in charitable causes. Over the years, the Association has been involved in awarding scholarships to deserving children of deceased members, as well as awarding scholarships to top-[performing students in Nigerian High Schools. 

Officers of the Association

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